Our Humble Beginnings...


What does FIGMO stand for? Finally, I Got My Orders.

A member of the United States military relocates to a new assignment every 2-4 years. The member and his/her family starts a new life. New job. New home. New coworkers and friends. New city or country.  Most importantly, a new experience.  Typically, once new station orders are received, the member develops a Finally, I Got My Orders mentality. FIGMO. Plans for a new life begins and stress of the current job becomes a fading memory. 

During my 20+ years on active duty with the U.S. Air Force, I had the pleasure of experiencing 10 FIGMO’s. Hawaii, Korea, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and some wartime deployments to the sandbox were “home.” My world was forever changed on my 6th FIGMO. I met my future wife, Jennifer, at a wedding (yes, it really does happen outside of the movies). Jennifer was an Army brat; her dad served in the Army until she began high school. Two of her family’s favorite duty stations were Germany and Japan. Like me, she had the itch to move about every 3 years. Together, our passion to experience different cultures and the world’s beauty grew.  

After retiring from the Air Force, I spent another 10 years as a government contractor in Cybersecurity. I often traveled both stateside and internationally for work. To date, a few of our favorite destinations are Germany’s Black Forest, The Rhine River and Hawaii. Our love of travel and appreciation for time off is  why we started FIGMO Adventures. 

We know how amazing it feels when Finally, I Got My Opportunity to relax, explore, reconnect, rejuvenate! We believe the passion to travel exists in all of us. We are here to ignite that passion. Our commitment is to provide excellent service while saving valuable time and money. In return, it is our hope the traveler will share their experience and recommend FIGMO Adventures to family and friends. 

So…where do you wanna go?